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Originally Posted by Ceg
I just e-mailed him this since this was brought up at the last R4 meeting:

I was told I should send you my event reports and you can use the ones you want. I put all these on our club web site and on most of the NW forums. I know you wanted it a certain way for the Pick Up A Mountain report. What format do you need?

Here is the list of pass reports:

Most are mainly pictures with a few words telling the story. If you will want my reports, you can remove most of the pics to make the story.

Thanks, Clay

I think he wanted it in word last time but I can't remember. He ended up copying the pics for PUAM of the net. Maybe that is why they were so small?
I sent in Satuday's report. I sent in a short version if the report and a link to the report here for the long one to Tri-power. Lets see if it get printed.

I got this e-mail reply back:


I don't check everyday what is coming in, I start about the 20th of each month and work on TriPower till the 1st work of the next month. I'll let you know how things work out for your next article.

Thank You,

Ron McDonald
Tri Power (4 Wheelin' News)

He never read my first e-mail where I asked about what formate he wanted the pictures because I sent the e-mail to soon. So don't send anything in until the 20th. I am not sure if "Word" was good enough for him since he never answer the question.
Clay Graham

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