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I'm going to say to start that it was one of the best days I've had out at Juniper ever! Why don't we do this more often?!?!

Started the day by meeting Lee and Paula Horton at McD's on Kennewick Ave. at about 9:15. Lee had to get food and gas, so Paula and I headed out and hooked up with Clay and his gang by about 10ish at Smith Canyon. Trash and Don passed thru and headed to the upper lot to unload and air down. Starting to look like a good turn out!

After getting aired down, we headed up the road to get everyone in the same place. Peanut had the "camp" set up by the time we all got there. We lined all the rigs up for a photo shoot pre run and milled around a while with Paula from the paper getting notes and aquainted with the crew. Her photog, Ky (?) rushed around getting pix of the rigs, then it was off to play. Paula an Ky were riding with me, so I took it easy to start and let them take notes and pix. Some of the AWORC crew aren't to familiar with sand, so we let them spend time getting the feel of thing and play on the dunes below the parking lot.

Carnage reared it's ugly head early when James broke the rear d-shaft in the flatty! Contingencies where worked out for Trash to haul him up the hill, then they got it to the trailer so James could get to friends place for repairs. Meanwhile, the rest of us played. I started getting braver with the TCH kids, who really seemed to enjoy the ride! Tim had the rail, and it was decided Ky would take a ride and get some in car action shots! I really want to see those. I think that kid would make a good wheeler! He bailed after lunch and missed the real fun. During all the thing with James, Don managed to pop a bead, so had to get that handled, too. Tim and I ran up to get the jack and CO2, but by the time we got back, things were covered.

After a couple hours of fun, we all gathered back at the tent and downed some food and enjoyed some lively BS, while Paula talked to folks and took a bunch of notes. Toni told her about the Christmas family activity, Peanut filled her in on ORVTW, and we made plans to head out again.

Headed out the pipeline and played grab a$$ with each other on the way to the north dunes. Most of us were playing in 2x, so lots of rooster tails and sideways fun. Spent some time in a small bowl where the turn is to head away from the fence to get to the other dune area, and kicked up some sand. I chased Trashy around a bit playing in 2x, and had a ball.

Got over to the big dunes to play, and spent some time attacking some small stuff and then decided to see about one of the bigger dune faces. There were some kids on bikes, so we watched them a bit , too. At this point, Wrench and his 4 popper Cherowagon got our attention by climbing one big dune. I'd been pretty impressed watching him wring that thing out all day! Trash, being Trash, took his turn after turn after turn and put on a bit of a show in the Rodeo.

Okay, so the 4 banger done got up the dune in fine style I want ya'll to know! Pretty cool. So, uh, me being me, I figured I'd be remiss in not trying the same hill. So, down and around to get lined up and take a run. Paula stayed with me, too. Brave lady! Well, as the pix will attest, I missed! Big time. One big red Ford stuck on a dune. Someone say winch? Lee hooked on with some help from Steve R. All tha did was pull it down tighter. Sooo, down to the bottom for Lee to run up behind me. Again, with able help from Steve, the line is attached and they get me unbeached. Okay, this will not do. Backed the thing down, took a short break, and lined up again. Paula had gotten out and was with the vultures at the top of the hill. Smart girl. 2nd gear, low range, and away we go. Got it that time! Anyone get a shot of it?

Meanwhile, Wrench is playing, too. Seems his spare wanted out and knocked out his rear window! Would you believe it didn't break, and he got it back in! Don't remember if he got up the hill again. Probably, tho.

So, while gathering our wits for more giggles, it's announced that Jafo has broken his rear d-shaft!! While he's getting that out, some of the rest of us watch FatBoy and his wrangler play on the dune. He never got up, but it sure wasn't for lack of trying! Clay took his turn backwards by easing the big ol' 'burban down from the top. Good shot of the underside, Clay! Nice grading job.

Well, we figured we best see to it Kev and the girls got out safe, so our bunch headed back down the fence line while the AWORC crew went out cross country. Lee and I followed while Don played in and out of some of the side trails.

I think it was around 3ish when we got back to camp and found TJ waiting around. After he got aired down, Paula went out with him for a bit. She deserved a ride in something besides my truck! James got back with a fixed d-shaft and also went out to play for a few more minutes. Good thing, as he had Trash's tow rig! Finished up the day with some good conversation and packed up to go. Paula kind of seemed like she didn't want to leave!

Also, some time was spent picking a mess in one of the parking areas where fires have been built. I think 6 bags are out in my truck.
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