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Fun trail also known as Rocky Saddle even though the trail skirts below the saddle. Couple of fun short hill climbs thru rock slides. Then the trail gets tight and twisty. The trail thru the twisty section was rerouted a couple years ago by the Wandering Willys Jeep Club. For the most part the reroute builders took their flatfenders. We set it up so there were three and 4 point turn for the flatties. Thru the years others have made those ubbertight turns straighted. But it is still a good time. If you go uphill at the intersection instead of heading for the Shoestring and the Rock Garden you will pass a outlook rock. This is a great place to look down on the Rock Garden. Hold on to the kids though. Great place for lunch.

You can swing out thru the Shoestring or take the Rock Garden. Then choices become Upper Kaner or Quartz Mtn.

This is a popular run for the Jamboree. The run fill everyday it is offered.
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