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Default I'LL give this a shot

Ive recently found out that a member of this forum has mistakenly accused my club(whore4x4) of damaging property and creating the closure of reiter trails. This person has also admitted never being to reiter, Only hearing of the alledged actions of my club via rumor or other means. I am not here to argue, I as well as every other whore member out there cares dearly for reiter trails.

I ask you to consider a conversation with people like JKkat, Horus, Supsa, 4Xrick and many others(who will chime in here?) to back the real actions that the whore club represents. If you have camped with us you know.

This is the 3rd year in a row ive seen allegations brought on our club at this time of year..Maybee some more garage time will help?
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