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I'm not trying to hide anything, anywhere - I simply replied to the original post about the vandalism at Reiter - it just happened to be posted in the "members only" section.

Since I appear to be the only one stepping out on a ledge in the thread about the damage at Reiter - I give the moderators my full permission to bring the entire thread over here to "get it out in the open".

Let's talk about it.

If no-one from "Whore" has ever done anything wrong - my bad - although it does not appear that I am the first one to call this issue up for discussion. If there are members from "Whore" causing problems (even if it's only a few members) let's talk together about what we can do to get them to modify their behavior before we have no place left to wheel anywhere in Washington State.

If the moderators decide to move it over and you don't see me engaging in the conversation - it is just because I am heading out to the Region meeting in a bit and won't be home until later...

Oh, and thank you, Bunk, for coming on here with the attitude geared towards solving the problem - that's all I ever wanted to have happen. I look forward to the conversations that will follow.

Happy Friday!
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