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To both of you, what I see on the videos from your web site is not good for our sport. You are correct to the letter of the law, you may have not broken any laws. BUT you are not treading lightly by any stretch of imagination!
In 2008 I choose to overlook a bunch of "goofballs" that should know better, I have since changed my attitude towards these guys. I have worked real hard to make the Liberty trails the best area to wheel I can do. It is not the most Challenging area in the State, but is good enough for me and my club. So with that said if I see the behavior I saw from a group of people with your club stickers on it in the future you can bet I will be all over them.
In the same verse, if I got word that someone was running around with my club stickers on their rig and their actions were giving me and my club grief, I would see to it that they would be found out and taken care of.
As far as what the rigs were it seems like a tan samurai and several Toyota pickups. Why should I get more information, at the time I wasn't going to pursue them any more. It just stuck in my mind what they were. all had exo cages and most of the pickups were without beds, just cages. Most were beat almost into unrecognizable shapes, IE they ran in a lot of real tight areas and didnt care if they got beat.
You are right 2008 was a long time ago, but to hear that the same club has been called out again for the same thing tends to make a guy remember. You all remember the old saying, do something right and no one notices, do something wrong and people will remember forever.
I want you to know, we work too hard to keep the areas that we have open, to have a group of guys like your club out there posting videos on the internet and renegading trails, and generally not abiding with any rules, will do more to further the "anti" groups than all the good PR we can possibly get. I am asking you nicely to play right and abide by the rules set up to protect our sport. This includes staying off trails that are closed. Even tho the last time you were there they were open. Times change, issues change, people change, you guys need to clean up your act and become "respectable"! I am tied of having to listen to groups like yours that say "It was someone else!" Find out who tore the fence up and turn them in, maybe then you will be a little more believable.
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