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The thread is now re-opened.

Please understand we are volunteers working to provide a place for these types of discussion. We are not physiologists or rocket scientists.

We have a members only section where PNW members can discuss PNW issues.
We will not tolerate cross posting quotes from the members section period.
We will not tolerate posting Private messages period. Both those offenses in the future will constitute a ban.
The ability to trust that something you say to someone in the private areas is very important to all of us.

Also keep in mind that our moderating team reads trash talking folks and our association on other boards. Just an FYI. If you take it to far over the top our mod team will discuss it in the mod lounge and take appropriate action.

We are tasked to make this place a family friendly forum where kids and adults can feel welcome, we take this task very seriously.
We welcome all discussion in the campfire chat area on how and where we can improve on our work.

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