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Originally Posted by jostby View Post
My son is doing a research paper (high-school senior) on off-road related injuries and is trying to gather some data. Is there any way I can get you guys to fill out his survey for him? If you have multiple family members feel free to add them also. No need to get too descriptive with the answers. You can PM me or reply to this thread. He appreciates your help.
Also, even if no injuries your input is appreciated. Please always include your (approximate) age!!
Jeff and Wes.

ORV Injury Survey
1 What is your gender? Male Female

2 Have you ever used an Off Road Vehicle, and what type of vehicle was it? Please answer 1), very often 2), seldom 3), never

Dirt Bike?1

ATV? 2


Off-road only 4x4 (rock crawler, racer)?

3 If yes have you ever received moderate or severe injuries while using an Off Road Vehicle? Yes No

4 If yes, what type of injury or injuries did you receive while using an Off Road Vehicle? Broken tibia, broken patella, dislocated toe and more bruises than I can count.

(Example: Broken Arm, Concussion, Cut Leg and needed 8 stitches, etc)

5 What was your age (or ages if multiple) when you received your injuries?
Here's mine
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