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The Tipover W330 is the Boeing Employees Stump Thumpers (BEST) adopt-a-trail. You can see the stainless steel sign up on the tree in the background

Yeah, the Rocky Saddle Dropoff, used to be the W601 until the #'s were changed to the W300 series for some reason. It used to run out to the now end of the W306, turn left and drop...extreme pucker factor, I trigged out my inclinometer, which was pegged out to be 78* at the dropoff on top. Then it was about 150' of loose rock & dirt, you had to get on/off the brake & gas to stay straight. It got worse over the years as folks attempted to winch up it (I'm guilty), big holes got dug, and the drop got more dangerous

The last time I went off the drop off a good friend endoed right behind me. Two quarts of oil and we drove it out ot Cle Elum

The Powerline Pounders (PP's) always went off this during their annual club stag run. The party usually started after we all got to the bottom :kumbaya:

Unfortunately some assh*les continue to cut trees on the trail to get their big ass rigs through I guess. I'm at 78"s and I've never had any problem working my way through

I guess I'll never understand why folks need to f*ck things up for others...starting to sound like Pokey aren't I
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