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Default Sign say's!!!!!

Ok to explain a little about what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a sharing of ideas.

We have all been thru the trail systems in our favorite forest. We've all seen the signs that bluntly demand that we comply with rules.

Do this!:Cob: Stay out. Go here, don't go there. Even the sign that says "Stay on the trail or stay home" is percieved by some to be blunt and cold.

How can we in a more user friendly way ask for compliance.

Do you have a favorite sign that gets the message across.

I'm serious about this. I would like to hear about what you've seen and what your reaction is to such signage.

Although there are no constraints as to how wordy the sign may be , I'm looking for something that would fit on a 12 x 16 inch or 14 x 18 inch board. Letters would be either 1" or 3/4". Different fonts are possible.

The better ideas may just in fact show up on the trail.
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