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Default Monster Jam 2010 (Tacoma, Portland, & Spokane)

Howdy All, It's time to start compiling the lists of drivers for the 5 Monster Jam shows at the Tacoma Dome. This year we also get to be a part of the Portland and Spokane shows, so I need to know who can be a part of those shows as well.
We are still working on details for additional rig requirements and safety rules, One item I do know for sure is FRONT AND REAR DRIVE-LINE HOOPS WILL BE REQUIRED ON ALL VEHICLES.
As like last year, I will be focusing on Friday evenings show first. Last year it worked out that everyone that could be at the Dome by 3:30-4:00 on Friday was able to be a part of the Friday show.
Our goal again this year for the Tacoma show is to be able to donate $5000 to a charitable organization at the Saturday evening's show, If you know of a group you would like to nominate for this, please pass it along.
At this time, we most likely will not need many extra volunteers to staff our part of the show. It is my understanding that like last years shows, Grace May & Dave Taylor will be in charge of staging, both pre-show and during our portion of the shows, and Luke May will be back by special request as our start flagger and also will be in charge of the floor crew for our portion of each show. If you are interested in volunteering to assist either Grace or Luke, please contact them.
We will be doing shirts again, on a pre-order basis. Choices include short or long sleeve T's, sweat shirts (crew neck or 1/4 zip), and hoodies. Color will probably be Royal Blue. I'll need to know your size and style you want.
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