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Originally Posted by jim putman View Post
Wet blanket time and just me being paranoid. I have a real concern about filling out a survey showing how dangerous ORVs are or can be. where is this information going and to what end ? Just my opinion as a person.
Relax, it's for my kids english class in high school. He is an avid dirtbiker and so am I. He needed to conduct some type of survey as a class project. I only reached out to you guys because I used to be a member years ago and was curious of the 4x4 communities respose. (RIP Sodbusters 4x4 club, WA County, OR) I still have a sweet CJ5 that I enjoy playing with. And I lurk on your site. This survey couldn't be more 1-sided as I only posted it on this site (the only 4x4 site) and 2 dirt bike forums, GasGasRidersClub (we both own GasGas dirt bikes), and ThumperTalk. If we wanted to do a real analysis it would be better to stand in front of Walmart to get a real x-section of society. As it is every dirt biker that has responded (except 2) and I have close to 50 responses, have had major injuries. But these are all hard core riders/racers. I don't race my bike as I hate pain. And my Jeep has a full cage and I (and my passengers) always wear seat belts. And as you can see by your members responses when it comes to injuries in the PNW4WDA, there really aren't any.
I am trying to compile all the info now. The way the questions were presented it is hard to organize all the information received. And we aren't making a 4x4 vs dirt bike comparison, all info is being lumped into the final results so like I said, this info isn't very accurate and we aren't going to publish it anywhere unless someone pm's me and wants the final tally. Thanks for all of your help as we won't be using any more input after this post.

Thanks again,
Jeff and Wes
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