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Originally Posted by ADragoo View Post
I don't really know Jeff and Wes, but I have met them when I went to their place to pick up a Jeep frame they gave to me. He originally offered it to me on the old PNW4WDA forum about 3 years ago after I broke mine at Creek 'n' Trail.

They own at least one mildly built Jeep and I think they also have motorcycles.

I am sure they are not anti-motorized nuts looking for ammunition to use against us.

Thanks Alan.
This really came around because the kid wanted to do a dirtbike orientated survey. He wants to race the Desert 100 this coming spring in Odessa. And I'm pushing 50 and was curious to see what kind of pattern I could put together for off-road racing injuries on motorcycles. It started as dirt bike only but he wanted to get as close to 100 responses as possible so I included your website.
It really is amazing to read the responses from some of these folks. You would think they would have ditched 2 wheels years ago in favor of something with seatbelts and a roll cage!!

I do understand Jim's concerns. If I was gathering all of this data from the local ORV area and the results were this lopsided you would have 3/4 of the population voting to ban all types atv's and motorcycles. But everyone will have to keep in mind that most of the responses from the 2 dirtbike forums are probably 85% racers. When you race dirt bikes competitively your WILL get hurt.

Here is my turn to air my dirty laundry for all of you to see...
48yr old male
ride dirt bikes often since 5yrs old.
1 detached ACL at 44yrs, no other injuries.
No 4x4 injuries, owned a CJ5 (not always the same one) for 25yrs. Raced rarely at fun-day events. Anyone remember the Pollak Playdays at Virgil Marcus's?
used to desert race a single seat buggy (VW power) for 5 yrs. Had a few rollovers but no injuries.

My kid is 17
riding since age 5
4x4's? Are you kidding?? He don't drive my Jeep haha!
No dirt bike injuries to date (knock on wood)
Now, wrestling is a sport to ban (just kidding). He broke his radius and ulna in 4 spots last year. Surgery included 2 plates, 16 screws, and 60 staples. And 3 nights stay in the hospital!

Thanks again for all the responses.


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