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One injury I forgot to post about was when I rode the desert 100 just 3 years ago. I broke 2 toes at about Mile 10 or so, I was only riding half the race as I had a partner in the team class so I rode about 40 miles with broken toes and a blown out MC boot on that foot. It stopped hurting about 5 miles after it happened though. I couldn't feel it until I was done riding, then it pounded for 5 hours driving home. One of the best experiences I have had on my dirtbike though. For those that think lining up on a MX start gate against 30 others on a groomed track is nerve racking try it on open desertland with rock outcroppings, 3 ft tall sagebrush and 997 dirtbikes all trying to be first over the top of a small hill that is maybe 50 ft wide 3/4 of a mile away.
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