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Originally Posted by Crawl Mama View Post
Opps, I think I bought the wrong one for Crawldad for Christmas it is a Garmin nuvi 205W from Best Buy 99.99, I hope I can get maps for it?
My experience has been that you can get maps for just about any GPS unit. The problem is generally the maps are proprietary - that is, you must use "their" maps. And "their" maps generally leave a lot to be desired! That's why I purchased a Garmin unit that can transfer maps between the GPS and a computer (some units can only transfer tracks and waypoints and sometimes routes - but routes are nothing more than a series of connected points).

Once I found the website that describes how to make your own custom maps for Garmin units, I was in heaven! Although I have not tried that process yet, after looking at it, I think it's going to happen - some day! Just have to find the time to go through all the steps!
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