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Originally Posted by Gibby View Post
I think REALLY good siganage and maps are a key. Maps can have the rules well documented on the back.

Trail markings should clearly define the trail corridor on BOTH side of the trail, especially when there are multiple lines available. If you get to run the easywild at Elbe, you'll see what I mean. There is never a spot where you don't know what is and is not part of the trail. Unfortunately all the trail head markings have been destroyed but once you're on the trail, it's very clear.

Any trail intersection should also be VERY clearly marked with good signage like road signs. It's very easy to get off on the wrong track with completely good intentions.
I like this idea for the enforcement aspect. With Blunt and Clear signage and well marked trails there is no excuse for being off trail! It will be a clear violation of law and therefor make it easy on the LEOs to give tickets. Not only that but it will keep the honest on the right path!
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