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Default Tahuya Dec 20th DogpoundOffroad

So we went to Tahuya Sunday a couple New guys just bought beginners rigs and wanted to go out and play.

All loaded up and ready to go My maden voyage with new Trailer

Well we made it and muddiechick is the first off the trailer.

Couple Stock Xj's on Street tires, and a couple Great Sammys

Oh and a suburban..... ha ha ha ha LOL Chris learned the concept of got to buy a trail rig.

Then it's my turn

doo to doo down the hill, ho hummm

doot da doo

deet ta dee Flying my PNW4WDA Colors

OMG did we find out what Turbo Ram air dose when you splash water in it???

Ok here I come to the rescue

Shoot that was a tad poll bit deep

Hooker up and I'll tug you out so we can work on it.

picture don't work too well but there is water in there. that's Bad

We hung out and played a bit while chris worked on his truck

Chris made the mistake we all helped when we could but he had to ware the Helmet of Oops

Well we made it to mud lake... oooo Water... ooooo

Snorkles are nice

Woah hunter where you going?

Shooo that was deep, and I don't have a Snorkle

Nothing like following the leader

See Chicks have fun too

The big boys like deep stuff

Even people we don't know with Brand new Tundra's like deep water

Another nice Pic

Another good shot

then off to the mini rubicon

on this one my hunter spent more time nose planting the windshield than watching where I was going

I seem to be the only one who will attempt the rocks

See the black thing dangeling from my front Bumper? Bad fan belt...I love Sammy guys that carry extra parts

Hope you enjoyed my lil report
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