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Originally Posted by Ceg_ View Post
Thanks for the info. We have a few XJs owner in our club that would like to run 4W330. Shoestring was not as tight as we were told by some people. We ran Shoestring east to west in 2007. 2008 we ran String down then Shoestring east. Last year I even used the Blue XJ. So in 2009 we want to do something different to break things up even more. We are hoping for tight trails but do not want to go where we don't fit.
Ceg this is not an accusation of you or who you wheel with. Just a comment cause the Shoestring was tight.

The Shoestring (as other trails) has lost about a 1/4 to 1/2 mile in length. Problem is the technical (tight twisty) sections have been cut out. You can drive the trail and see them. I surmise Quads have something to do with it. Much of the trail has sidewalls and holds water. The Quads take the short path and avoid much of the water. After awhile a bypass is formed and along comes a 4wheel Trail vehicle with a driver not aware of the trail and he/she follows the bypass. I have seen this on the Woodpecker, Quartz Mtn, Divide, and Rocky Saddle (Tipover). The FS is requiring the Trail Jamboree to close as many of these bypass' as we can. But we return each year and find them re-established.

Now before I get flamed let me mention I first noticed this happening after introduction of the YJ. Tight trails started to get trees cut out in corners requiring two of three point turns. I know from experience that the wider track vehicle can't make the ubbertight turns established by the narrow track rigs of yesteryear. I also believe that the YJ's (followed by TJ's) were for the most part rigs bought on credit. When the choice came to rubbing a tree (leaves a mark)(or getting caught up) or making the tree go away "OUT CAME THE SAWS". Now I read threads (on this site and others) that "ALL RIGS HAVE A RIGHT TO RUN THESE TRAILS". Small rigs be ****ed cause here I come in my fullsize. There appears to be nothing we can do. By the time we educate the drivers the damage has been done.

That being said I would love to see at least the bypass's be abolished. I CHALLENGE everyone who runs these trails to always look about for the old trail. When you see it take a few minutes and reroute the trail. Scatter forest duff and branches over the bypass. Drag a log accross the bypass. We will gain on the ground trail mileage.

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