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Originally Posted by Art Waugh View Post
Just because he does not have a big post count does not mean that they don't keep tabs on what's happening here. Rick knows what is going on in the PNW, just as Angie does. Granted she is a more frequent visitor here than he is, and has more posts due to her involvement with WOHVA.
I don't know Rick at please don't think my questions are meant to bash on him.

If the PNW4WDA is interested in connecting with ALL wheelers, then the next president should be willing to actively participate in the forum.

How many times have we been discussing an issue online & needed the opinion of a veteran member or wondered what a member of the board thought on an issue. PNW4WDA members have been at this thing for many is time to start sharing some stories & experiences with the younger generations (thank you to those that already participate online ).

I copied Rick's message from the TriPower...

PNW4WDA Association President 2010

Greetings, my name is Rick Smith. I am seeking nomination to and
running for the offi ce of PNW4WDA Association President 2010.
I have been in the Association since 1988. Here are a few of
the things that I have done since 1988. I was on the committee that
mapped The Tillamook State Forest. I have help on several work
parties that have taken place in the Tillamook State Forest. Our club
has adopted a trail in which we do maintain throughout the year.
I was on the board for the Team Trophy Challenge. I was president
for Flat Broke & 4 Wheelin 4x4 Club 8 different times and a member
since 1988. I am also member of Hubís Inn and Sand Fleaís
and Mud a Rama. I have also been the Director of Region 3 of
PNW4WDA for the past 4 years.
I have been in the woods since I was a child on my dirt bike and with
my dad in his 4x4. I fi nd great joy in being in the forest recreating
in the appropriate areas and educating the people on how to tread
lightly in the forest. Itís also nice to be able to show my grandsons
that this is the place to play and have fun with our sport.
Thank You,
Rick Smith
It sounds like he has a few years of experience under his belt...too bad he doesn't share that knowledge with the folks online.

I wouldn't expect the new president to be a social butterfly on the forum, but they could at least provide some occasional comments & weigh in on selected issues. I think it would help our online discussions develop to a point that physical meetings would be more effecient & an educated vote could take place.

Plus, it would allow folks to get to know their president a little better.

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