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Been down thru there many times. Always say "Well that will be the last time". Never seems to be though.

One time the rig in front of me kept lifting a rear tire. The tire would come up about 8" or so the settle back down on the trail. Only to do this numerous times. The driver of that rig made a comment over the CB about how the rig in front of him was lifting a rear tire a few inches every so often. I figured now was a good time to tell the rig in front of me about how high his tire was lifting. Well that was the end of that. He recruited other passengers to highside him almost the whole way down from where I made the comment.

The way I look at these sidehills is if I don't see a bunch of glass or parts downhill from the sidehill I should make it just fine. Has worked for me at Rimrock just fine. Only went over backwards once.
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