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Originally Posted by Art Waugh View Post
I did not take it as a "bashing" in any manner. I will agree that ALL Board members, both elected and appointed should be active on here.

Originally Posted by Merrick Graves View Post
I think whoever gets the Office of Prez. should look into posting comments as a blog. I think part of what keeps these officers from communicating with the members of this forum is the percieved bashing they see. Posting as a blog provides a shield. Once done other positions would see and follow. I don't see much value in this forum, espeically with the vast number of forums currently operating. A very well prepared and constantly updates frontpage is all we need.
My initial response
Arlene seems to be capable of posting & returning PM's in a professional manner. The bashing excuse is old & tired...I think folks just need to put on their big girl panties & start typing

The forums aren't that bad when folks keep the communication seems to go sideways when things get personal.
My official response
A blog would be a step in the right direction.

At my work the CEO of the company has a page on our intranet (our internal network) where ANY employee in the company (7,000 plus) can ask a question. This allows the CEO time to consult, research & discuss BEFORE posting an official answer to the question.

Maybe this could be something added to the Members Only section...that way difficult questions could be asked & solid answers could be given.
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