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Originally Posted by japerry View Post
Wow what a read... some interesting comments and opinions from everyone.

1st -- Regarding the 'ethics' of the mud areas. This is totally subjective. In our sport, 'ethical' wheeling usually equals legal wheeling. I disagree with the notion that mud bogging, wheel spinning, or even tree scraping, etc are unethical.. as long as they're legal (aka the landowner allows it). I don't buy into the 'tread lightly' moniker. I like the phrase 'tread in context' (I know its not as catchy but it makes the point)

2nd -- Lets expand 'legal' for a moment. Lets say I want to setup a ORV area that has bogs, tight trees, etc. This should be just fine, and ethical. If I'm the land owner, they are my trees, my water, etc. As long as I don't cause impact outside my property, we're all good.

3rd -- We all have different types of impact. Some have more impact than others. But lets put this in perspective. A mudbog, or even running up trees is NOTHING compared to the impact of a Ski Area. Ski areas not only get clearcut, they get land trimmed so they can open earlier. They many times have larger slopes than we do, etc, etc. So why don't people get all angry about these areas?

I'd even argue that the Greenies would be fine with those three videos if the following were met:
1) No ecological damage outside of the area of impact
2) Resource re-reimbursement for damaged DNR land. (aka money for trees lost)
3) Area of impact is designated and had proper environmental studies performed and approved.

If the PNW leadership advocates places like Walker and Tahuyla, quite frankly I can understand why the whores want nothing to do with them. Personally, I think the whores and other built vehicle groups need to form a larger organization so they can have political power. Obviously folks who wheel 50-60s willys on 31s are not going to be advocating for the same trails as someone in a built buggy with 42s.

Lastly, there seems to be a lot of finger pointing with lack of facts or context. People naturally like to draw conclusions first and ask questions later, which I think puts a lot of tension on both parties. It'd be nice if this stopped....

I had tried awhile back to post a big long reply to this thread, and timed out before I got it posted and lost everything I typed. I'm glad you posted this, and couldn't agree more.
Alan Paulson
Umpqua Valley Timber Cruisers 4 Wheel Drive Club
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