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Jim, I know full well you're doing the best you can, and my e-mail in box has proof! I also know sometimes I don't do a very good job anymore of posting here, in large part due to the lack of response from the BOD and others that I feel need to be involved. I know you're seeing a lot of what I do as I do get a comment, or see that you've reposted something elsewhere, which is just dandy by me! I do keep Earl and Sande advised of my shenanigans, and I hope they don't think I've gone rogue at times. We just need more from the powers that be on here, and on the FaceBook page!! That's how we're going to get the younger members more involved is social media. They eat it up, and that's one of our best bets. I mean, really, if an old dog like me can learn a new trick or two, there is no reason some of the rest can't either
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