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Originally Posted by propane addiction View Post
Not sure why jim putman Would suggest I go somewhere else, I did look @ all the Wheeling Reports and thought I could fit in with some of the runs! Looks like you guys have a great time. But, I guess I will look elsewhere!
Im sorry if you took it that way but in no way did I suggest that "you go somewhere else" I was simply explaining as to how "most" clubs work and that for the most part this is a "club based" Org. We have all kinds of fun runs and events that are posted and open to all. However most "clubs" tend not to publish their runs before hand for the simple fact that they like to know who their wheeling with on their "club" runs. People tend to get flustrated when they come on here and dont see "upcoming runs" posted like they do on some sites. I was simply trying to explain why it tends to be that way
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