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Originally Posted by wcjp View Post
I bought mine from Les Schwab. Not all Les Schwab's are equal. There can be some price variance from one to the next. Almost went with the same rims (Vision 81's) and Kuhmo tires from Discount Tire.

There are the steel rims with proper offset from Rickson Tire & Wheel. They are very spendy. Also, Rickson has something in the neighborhood of 6-8wk wait time. Les Schwab was 2-3day wait time for the aluminum rim.

Because of the rear SuperHitch the matching spare is completely deflated. Will not fit any other way. The truck and Jeep each have onboard air. I also carry a cheapo compressor in the truck for just in case.
It's the Rickson's that I remember. They were making the steels, and yes they were proud of them, and then they were advertising aluminums, but I don't remember the manufacturer, but I don't think they were in-house. Might have been Alcoa. They were even more proud of the aluminums...Good to see some other options.
One concern I had was a harsh(er) unloaded ride. It's already not that good, not a Chevy, ya know. I can live with a "truck" ride, but would rather not have a "hardtail"...
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