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Originally Posted by Big K View Post
It's the Rickson's that I remember. They were making the steels, and yes they were proud of them, and then they were advertising aluminums, but I don't remember the manufacturer, but I don't think they were in-house. Might have been Alcoa. They were even more proud of the aluminums...Good to see some other options.
One concern I had was a harsh(er) unloaded ride. It's already not that good, not a Chevy, ya know. I can live with a "truck" ride, but would rather not have a "hardtail"...

From what I recall Alcoa backed out of the deal for the aluminum. I think it more to do with limited production numbers. Ride is slightly rougher than stock. I'd like to move to Rancho 9k's. The Rancho's made a large difference on my 96' CTD.

Probably see you Sunday!
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