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I ended up writing an email to the House Speaker as well as the House Environment and Water Committee opposing H.B. 2186. This is what I wrote:


I am writing in regards to H.B. 2186. My main concern with this bill is Section 3.1.d: "Restrictions and prohibitions on the sale and distribution of after-market motor vehicle parts, including but not limited to tires, if alternatives are available that decrease greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles;"

I can see the ideology behind this bill but I feel that the thinking involved in this bill is severely flawed for multiple reasons. First of all, the sale and distribution of aftermarket parts for cars is a huge industry in Oregon. This bill will choke out that market, creating more economic challenges in this tough time we are in. Basically we will only have one tire available for our vehicle. That tire will be focused on emissions only. The problem with this is you will end up killing tire manufactures and distribution centers that depend on tire sales. That one tire that will be available will be over-priced because it will have a monopoly on that tire size that is protected by the government. That will lead to people waiting even longer to replace tires on their vehicle, creating more safety issues on our roadways. The fact of the matter is, even with these new "eco-friendly" tires, there will still be issues in safety. Remember the Firestone tires on Explorers? That tire was designed for the best fuel economy possible to get the explorer to meet federal standards. This line of thinking will not work and it has been shown in other areas of regulation in the past.

Furthermore, this will continue to hurt the economy due to the hobby's of people that use their vehicles as recreation. Every year I drive to multiple car shows in the area. Every year that takes buying things from local vendors. Everything from gas to get there, food while I'm there, detailing my car before I go, et cetra. Not only will this bill kill peoples hobbies and borderline infringe on the right to happiness, you will be putting another nail in the coffin of our fragile economy.

Please throw out H.B.2186 as soon as possible! It will cause more damage than it will good.

Chad Holznagel
Newberg, OR

Here are the email addresses so you don't have to look them up:;;;;;;;;
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