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Old thought ponderings - Some 20 years ago, there once was a fella named Tom Cowper that volunteered to help us (PNW4WDA) get noticed, fundraising, respected, create the atmosphere and so on that 'we' needed to get our sport - racing, trailing, 4X4 in general - on track.
The PNW4WDA BOD at that time said no way and they had a master plan - I see how well that worked. Tom kept in touch from time to time but has moved on to other things.
Secret and doing it the way its always been done is a thing of the past.
Trying things once again in a new way/format is/might work this trip around.
All it takes is some one to DO IT. If each of us takes on one pet project or one of our pet peeves and ALL the others SUPPORT that one person in their project rather than dissin' or complaining about it- we could do wonders to help support ourselves adn get things done.
There are many ways to get the job done but all it takes is the 1 way to do it and complete it!
Fall Delegates Meeting is tomorrow, that is the place to get it done or started - who is going??? Why or why not?
We suck because we chose to, plain and simple.
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