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At first I actually was a little offended by the title. Probably because the issue has to do directly with part of my role in the PNW4WDA and I felt it was a bit of a slam. I'm also a little thin skinned, but I got over it.

I completely agree, we do need to get the word out better. Not just racing, but everything we do. Some things that Rob and I have done regarding competition in the last couple of years are:

As soon as the race schedule is known (usually after Winter Convention in February) , itís sent to the PNW webmaster to post under ďCompetitionĒ and a link is created on the main page. Itís also printed in the Tri-Power.

I update the calendar on the main page with dates, host clubs and contact info (although I think the hosting club should really be doing this). Unfortunately at this time there are 2 separate calendars, one on the main page and one under the forum. Iíve been using the one under the main page because I assume thatís where most people start looking, especially non-PNW members, for event info. I believe our webmaster is working on the 2 calendar issue. Itís my opinion the calendar should be better utilized. There are lots of events that never even get posted. Any club hosting an event should update the calendar.

As flyers come out, I try to post copies in the forum under Racers Edge. Again, any club hosting an event should post their flyer under the appropriate section of the forum. The schedule is also "stickied" under Racers Edge.

A competition report is provided at every delegates meeting and at every BOD meeting that includes the schedule.

An e-mail tree was created so news, updates etc can be more efficiently communicated. Flyers are also distributed this way. Anyone who wants on the e-mail tree just needs to contact Rob.

The competition schedule was also distributed to the public during the January Monster Jam in the Tacoma Dome, the Moonshiners swap meet in March, 4-Wheel Parts Truck Fest in April at the Puyallup fairgrounds, and the WOHVA Expo in May at Straddleline ORV Park.

Iíve also tried posting information under other forums but with little success. One response to a posting was ďwe donítí race, we donít careĒ, but Iím willing to post again.

These are all baby steps in getting the word out. If anyone has any suggestions, weíre all ears. The Competition Chairmanís name, phone number and e-mail address is on every copy of the competition schedule but in case you donít know itís: Rob Stafford, 253-691-4351, The phone is charged and thereís plenty of room in the in-box, so letís hear your ideas.
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