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Many of us have made several efforts to help make the PNW grow. Being raised by parents who raced back in the day when spectators and racers were turned away because the arena/ park/ facility was too crowded to hold that many people, has made me work hard to help bring that back.

Everyone has made valid points: from security, to responsibility of members, to advertising and publishing. Its an effort we all need to make, not just the select few. I believe ALL the clubs with members that race need to be joining together to help promote. Every race that is held, no matter where, I make sure my family and friends know where, when and how much it is to get in. If we don't start helping each others clubs and start making sure EVERYONES races are being promoted, then we all fail.

There are other ways to promote on the internet. We could start having local auto businesses add a link to the PNW webpage on their webpage. Have them post our schedules in their stores and maybe even run an ad in the newspapers the thur and fri before the event. Every newspaper has an event page and there is no reason what we do shouldn't be in there.

Many of the racers have been diligant in making sure their videos they post on You Tube are linked to the PNW in some way, so that when someone watches, they know instantly what organization we are associated with and can then go there for more info. With more events outside of the actual spectrum of racing and wheeling (i.e. Monster Jam, 4 Wheel Part Events, etc.) we will be able to spread the word further. So lets ban together, all of us, and show these people what we are made of!

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If we want our association to grow and prosper then we as members and the association as a whole need to reach out to new and potential members. One great and super easy way to do this is to advertize our events in every way possible that we can. The website is a great tool for that as most people use the web these days for gathering all types of information and its free.
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