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I can't tell you about the video's in question since they are in the members area(From what ive heard, I didnt find them when i briefly searched last night). I am the only whore member who has ever been to liberty. EVER. It was ages ago in my toyota before i was a whore member.

Speaking of whore members, How can you identify one? I bet 98% of you dont know how. Whore members have a large round sticker, Not a '' sticker. This creates a tremendous amount of confusion

All of my youtube video's were shot on legal trails at reiter. If you dont frequent reiter then you dont know what is legal or not. Yes, some require driving up a tree to do the line as it was made.

We are a anti-club. We have very few meetings. The core of the club are long time friends, There are many new whore members, some of us dont get along with each other. We rarely have club runs as a large percentage of us dont have working rigs. Really we are a group of individual members who meet up frequently.

I post my own video's. Other whores post theirs. I have no control over what other people do.

Whore4x4 club was created after several members of core(craving offroad excitement) got tired of never wheeling. They left and as a joke created Whore4x4(were having offroad excitement). Its not a very pc name, But it sure gathers attention and makes people who have no clue what we do come after us. If you give us a chance you'll find out. Too bad the majority of ya'll here wont give us that chance.

Would someone link the video's to this thread?
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