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I've been failing on keeping the threads updated, but wanted to take a bit and update this one. We have been working the trail now for a month full of weekends and while the progress is slower than we'd like, it is moving forward. This trail while moderate in difficulty is turning out to be pretty dang fun. I finally got to wheel it this weekend and am pretty happy with what we have done so far.

Last weekend we managed to put in more rock obstacles, improve the rock garden we put in, convert more road to trail and add not one, but two hot tubs! Should be interesting when the rain comes. I hate to say it, but I am actually looking forward to the rain to see how it does. It should do fine, but there are a couple off camber spots we will be watching closely.

As most of you know, there is a fire restriction in effect and that has impacted our ability to work. Right now we are under an IFPL II, a hoot owl if you will. This means we can run equipment from 8PM to 1PM.... yes, 8PM to 1PM. It's a good thing we put lights on the excavator, and an even better thing that we have a group of night owls in the club.

Right now we are still under an IFPL II in our forest. This might change though so we are watching it closely.

For those of you in Portland tune in to 98.7 KUPL tonight to hear more about the trails!

BIG THANKS to KUPL, Tic Tak and Chaz with Grand Krawlers for making this happen!

Like our new Facebook page for more info on trail status
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