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Default Hot Beverly Dunes ORV Camp-out - Aug 2011

Hot Beverly Dunes ORV Camp-out
By Clay Graham

On Tuesday August 23rd
, 2011 we met up at the Beverly Dunes ORV Area for the Eastern Washington Adventures ORV Camp-out. Jeepscum, Test Dummy and I had our quads. Doc rode along with me most of the trip. We had a lot of fun going fast to cool down. You could not stop out on the dunes for very long because of the heat.

Foxracer came later that evening with his Subaru car pulling a trailer with his quad on it. Foxracer aired down his car tires and took a drive out in the dunes. This was a lot of fun to watch. The Subaru did very well. We got back to camp after it was dark. Jeepscum headed home and we relaxed since it had cooled down a lot.

Wednesday morning we ate breakfast
and then headed out to play in the dunes. Foxracer took his quad on this run.

In the early afternoon we decided it was too hot to stay. We loaded up and headed out.

On the way home we stopped at Curly's II in Kittitas for a cold drink. We met "Ron the Parts Guy" there. After a cold one, we headed over to to see some of the cool project they were working on then headed on home.

See full report with 75 pictures at: Hot Beverly Dunes ORV Camp-out - Aug 23 2011

Clay Graham

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