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Originally Posted by Merrick Graves View Post
How about this? We have numerous issues before us that do not pertain to wheeling or land issues. Such as Health Care, Job market, Taxes, Guns to mention a few. Yet when these are posted they only fit in the campfire area. Granted these are hot topics around a real campfire or bar, in the office, at club meetings, at the barbershop, or on the jobsite. It just seems that our campfire section is not set up for matters such as these of a more serious nature.

Title it what you may I just feel there is a need for such a section.
Merrick we talked about that when Angie started her thread on her announcement to run for prez.

We decided that campfire was where everything else goes. I wish we had more traffic in Campfire and maybe we can propose some things at Winter Convention that will increase participation. Especially with the younger folks.
I like your idea but the consensus was that we don't have enough traffic as it is in Campfire chat so for now work on increasing traffic there.
My personal thoughts are that I wish Campfire Chat were allowed to be a bit more ruff and tumble.
Clutter drives me bonkers we resisted breaking regionals onto the main page rather than subforums but Clay needed more room and then he flew the coup.
What do you think about the clutter issue vs your idea?
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