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Originally Posted by EagleMark View Post
There are two forums in the Idaho section that need to be removed. One is Brickel Creek. It is on private timber property and has been closed for years.

The other is Medicine lodge. No one here knows about it and I checked with Region 8 who started their own Org. and is not part of PNW4WDA and again no one knew anything about it. Internet checks finds a Medicine lodge area for horses only.

I will try to get more information from the old region 8 guys on St Anthony's sand dunes. That is a long way from me.

I will also update the Pine Creek with information after the NITB meeting. It is closed now (seasonal) so it does not matter. Opens, sorry it is open Jan 1st but no legal way in till about March/April when snow clears some.

We will work on these tomorrow. Monday.

Any other concerns please let me have them and we can get em fixed up for ya.

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