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Default Re: Hot off the Press - Discussion on Discover Pass

Originally Posted by scoutguy66 View Post
Sorry, haven't checked mail lately... no, I live in yakima, central washington doesn't really have state parks with that much acrage and no offroad travel. That's great you do though, but do you see the 84% where you are?
No. I've not seen any changes. The 7 Mile ORV Area is only a small part of the entire Riverside State Park - which covers a lot of acreage here in Spokane.

Those changes won't show up until either later this year or next year at thew earliest. The 84% State Parks receives from the Discover Pass is the only funding they will receive this year. And with the low attendance since implementing it, I don't think trhings are going to change - only get worse.

Folks living along the east and south borders of WA has other opportunities - Oregon and Idaho. I've met a lot of folks over here that said because of the Discover Pass, they will not go to 7 Mile! And sometime next years there's a 1`,000 acre ORV park opening just across the Idaho stateline so I'm guessing attendance at 7 Mile will fall further after that Idaho park opens! Don't know if the Idaho park will charge or not.

Originally Posted by scoutguy66 View Post
I think I'll stick with forest land for a while and If I want to access fish&wildlife land I will renew my fishing license.
That's one way to avoid the Discover Pass!
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