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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
The site is now active & it looks like anything with an ORV sticker is exempt!
This part is confusing me, and I am hoping someone can shed some clarity on this.

Q. Do I need to purchase a Discover Pass for my off-road vehicle (ORV)?
A. See below…

ORVs – No. ORVs that are required to display an ORV tab will not be required to have a Discover Pass. Generally, ORVs are non-street legal vehicles such as quads, some dirt bikes and some four-wheel-drive passenger vehicles.
Trailers – No. Trailers do not need an access pass.
Vehicles – Yes. The vehicle that transports a trailer with ORVs will need an access pass. Street-licensed vehicles, such as a dual-sport motorcycle or four-wheel-drive vehicles, will be required to display a pass.
I drive a street legal 04 TJ that I have dual registered. I have both license plates and ORV tags on my rig. Based on the verbiage above it sounds like I would not need a ORV tag, but the part about dual sport and 4-wheel drive vehicles requiring one has me confused.

Does a dual registered vehicle require the disco pass or not?
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