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Exclamation We need your help!

WOHVA needs your help!

We have been hard at work representing your interests in Olympia. As a direct result, an amendment to SB5622 will be brought up in the Senate Ways and Means Committee very soon. Please ask the committee members to exempt ORV's from the Discovery Pass!

Sample words...

As passed out of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, the new fees would be applicable to vehicles with offroad vehicle permits even though that was not the intent.
In an attempt to address that issue PSSB5622 added language that exempted vehicles exempt from registration per RCW46.16A.080. Unfortunately, this only provided relief to ORV riders when traveling on roads and left them required to purchase the new access pass for every ORV used off road on State managed public land.

Will you help correct this technical mistake?

Offroad vehicles should be exempt from this new fee legislation because they already pay their access fees via the ORV gas tax and ORV use permits.

This is the only trail based recreation in the state that is completely self funded and now, as this bill currently reads, these same citizens will be required to pay more to support other forms of recreation.
The Senate Ways & Means Committee Members are as follows:
Please take the time to send them a short, polite message
Bryan Peterson | WOHVA | PNWJeep | Eldorado Dust Devils

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