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Default Tire width outside to outside

Since there are width restrictions at 75 inches on some Trail Jam runs, do you know really how wide your tires are outside to outside? Some of the oversize wide tires will surprise you how wide you really are.

What is your rig?
What is the tire width on what width wheels?
How wide are the tires outside to outside?


Here are mine:

89 XJ
12.5 wide tires on 8x15 rims. I think 3.75 back spacing.
From outside to outside about 72.50 front / 73.75 rear

99 XJ
10.5 wide tires on 8X16 rubicon rims. I think 5" back spacing.
From outside to outside about 69.75 front / 70.5 rear

79 FS Jimmy
12.3 wide tires on 7.5x16 stock GM rims.
From outside to outside about 79" in front / Rear not as wide but I have the tires off right now so I can't run a tape.

The measurements are not on the ground since they change with air pressure.
Clay Graham

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