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Default Question on Elbe area backroads

Hopefully I'm in the right place to ask my question...

Anyway, I'm not really a 4x4 type of person, but I have a common interest in backroads/gravel roads and trails in the area. You see, I'm a cyclist that loves riding the mountain gravel roads (no, not really a mountain biker, but not too far from it).

Anyway, I've got a group ride planned that will go up Scott Turner Road and back into Elbe via Truck Trail. My original date was for March 23rd... When I tried to drive the route in late February, I was turned around at about 2200 ft due to snow. Hey, my "off-road vehicle" is just a 2001 Ford Escape, even if it IS available 4wd... Anyway, with my 7-month-old daughter in the back seat, I was in no mood to take any risks.

So my question is this: How are the snow conditions up there now? I rescheduled the event to May 4th (the day after my father's memorial service), and I'm still planning a recon drive soon, but I thought I might tap into the knowing collective.

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