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I had a meeting in Prineville yesterday (July 3rd) with the Forest Supervisor, one of the ID team, and the Paulina District Ranger. We spent around an hour and a half going over maps and discussing intermittent and non fish bearing waterways. The Forest Supervisor, who is the Responsible Official on the project, and the ID team came up with 5 possible routes to look at to see if they could be added back in. One of the possibles had 2 routes, I rejected one of the two in that one, due to how close the crossing was to where the intermittent met a fish bearing stream. I also rejected another for the same reason as well as having 3-4 crossings, and not having enough distance to justify trying to get is approved.

I still have three routes on the table to work with, pending members of the ID team taking another look to see what the approaches look like and what might need to be done, along with where the closed/decommissioned routes are located. Some of these routes are open routes, and a little new construction, and some closed/decommissioned routes.

We discussed what the factors in hardening the crossings with rock, and the size of rock used, and went over in more depth the way the ATV committee works. Also how the ATV funds are generated, what that funding can be use for, and the volunteer time and equipment use that organized users provide and the grant match potential of that, and how fast it adds up.

The Forest Supervisor is thinking she might have something worked up to get back with me in a couple of weeks or so, and both of us are hoping to be able to resolve my objections.

Will post up more as I get it.
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