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I know some of them as was given on a handout at the Reiter focus group meeting.
RCO-10-1621 $10,000
RCO-10-1071 $187,569
RCO-10-1070 $345,000
RCO-11-1020- $100,000
RCO-11-1021- $300,000 not final
There are a couple more in process with no number yet. These are not NOVA grants from what I understand, these are ecology.
A restoration grant in the amount of $16,000 for reimbersement of funds spent last year.
A restoration grant in the amount of $50,000 "application due spring/ summer 2011".
There's one more listed with no number or dollar amount for education and enforcement to come from NOVA.
Rick Wiltfong
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