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Default Naches Volunteer Saw Class

Hello Naches Volunteer!

The District is preparing for our 2011 Volunteer Saw Training. We welcome your willingness to help and we are committed to making sure you have the appropriate knowledge and skills to use a saw safely.

You need to know the following:
* Each volunteer who wants to use a chain saw, cross cut saw, or hand saw on the Naches District, must attend one day of training each year, provided by the Naches District instructors. It does not matter if your group is under a Challenge Cost Share Agreement or a Sponsored/Individual Volunteer Agreement, you must attend this training before you can use a saw on the District Trails. (Attending training on another District? please discuss with us).

*Participants must be familiar with the type of saw they plan to use before attending.

* We are limited to 15 people/class - please be sure you can attend before you sign up or if a conflict arises, let me know ASAP so I can give away your space.

Below you can see the dates we are tentatively discussing – April dates are for volunteers who need chain saw training only! We will need to wait until May to provide cross-cut certification.

Tentative Dates (Chain Saw Only)
April 16 (Saturday)
April 22 (Friday)
April 23 (Saturday)
April 30 (Saturday)

We are trying to find out the best dates and the amount of interest - and we will determine the final dates when we hear back from you.
Dates for Cross Cut, Chain Saw, or Hand Saw
May – Dates to be determined - most likely after May 8th.

Please reply to me as soon as you can with the answers to these questions:
• Do you need chain saw, cross cut, or hand saw certification?
• Please tell us all the dates you can attend (for sure and possibly) and which would work best (we’ll need to narrow them down).
• How many will be attending?
• How many need to be certified for the first time, or how many need recertification?


Sue Ranger

Susan Ranger
Recreation Planner/Trails and Wilderness Manager
Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests
Naches Ranger District
(509) 653-1446
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