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Originally Posted by Ceg_ View Post
And we are glad to see you guys out there. People tend to follow the rules better knowing someone maybe watching and they could get in trouble if caught doing something illegal. I believe stopping damage before it starts is the key to keeping trails open.
We came back to gather a thing or two. But I have a thought to share with the presence and contact idea.

For a couple of years I worked as a volunteer with the E&E at Naches. We had info packets that we handed out on trail and at camp. Was typical info type stuff. I also added some PNW4WDA stuff and introduced myself as a member. Got some blank stares got a couple of sour comments but mostly just the "WHO ?". I think any org interested in being a presence in the trail system should carry packets of educational info. Everyone on the trails should be allied to help prevent problems and report problems that are discovered.

Thru my limited exposure as a Ranger I am starting to see some of my work come back positive towards this effort. Let's all rally together to further this effort. It's something everyone can do!!
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