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Originally Posted by Ceg_ View Post
I do not know where the hill climb pit is is but it could have been them. They parked not far past the FS3507 on FS35. Was it not OK to park there?

I left my tow rig at Olmstead Place State Park so it would be safe.
I was good with it. No Problems. All is good!

We got a call reporting a bunch of "Rock Crawlers" tearing the place up. The call came in at 10:30 I got dispatched at 12:45. Got there at 1pm. Deputy Dan got there at 1:30. There was no visible damage which was reported. All was good. I just figured someone called in the report when they saw a group of rigs waiting for rigs to be unloaded from the trailers.

Some "concerned citizen" scared of wheelers! We get that stuff all the time.

To bad I did not know of your run up there. We were bored looking for something to do. Would of been nice to hook up and run with the group.

Next Time.
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