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Default Forest Watch Whites Ridge Run (10/10/10)

Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch -
Whites Ridge Run
October 10th, 2010

On this day it was only Test Dummy, Monster and myself.

We headed up the North Fork Ahtanum Creek Road.
We took the McLain Canyon Road. We stopped to pick up someone's mess a long the side of the road.

A DNR truck went up passed us.

Moving up the road we passed the DNR truck coming back down.

Beer cans way off the road.

Party of four!

Turning down Whites Ridge Trail.

Once at the bottom of Whites Ridge Trail, we took a left and ran Whites Loop down.

At the last view over looking North Fork, we found someone had just cut some trees down and hauled off the wood. We must have just missed them since you could smell the fresh saw dust.

On down Whites Loop near the Mid Fork we found more trees were dropped and hauled off. They drove back into the forest to pull the logs out. Fresh tracks.

Once we hit the Mid fork we headed to check out the Sno-park. Only two camps set up.

We headed on up A2400. Just around the bend we found people have been running the old trail again.

We blocked it off the best we could with what we had.

We went on over Red Saddle and down the South Fork. There is a lady living in a tent. She was home.

That is my report of our day doing Forest Watch.
Clay Graham

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