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Default WOHVA NOVA rally

Michael Jacobs sent a message to the members of NOVA Tag Party.

Subject: Ready, Set, Let's SHOW!

Sorry for the week of silence. We have been working on checking out State Parks and deciding where to gather for the NOVA TAG PARTY. The date remains – SUNDAY JUNE 14th from 9am to 1pm. The location will be the Lake Sammamish State Park located in Issaquah, WA.
I know that there are some conflicting races on that date, but if you look at the calendar, there are conflicts throughout summer. So, if you can’t make it because of the race schedule, I am challenging to recruit at least five friends to take your place. We all know non-racers, friends who just like to ride or wheel, or people who just get fed up with our elected officials treading all over us, so ask them to take your place and stand up for our rights!
If you have lost the fire in your belly over this issue, please buy or borrow the July, 2009 (on stands now) DIRT RIDER magazine and read Jimmy Lewis’ article, “The Last Good Ride of the Season”. It talks about a hand full of people who always fight for YOUR RIGHT to ride while others just ignore the threats and let themselves get pushed around. Here is a quote from the article, “So if you worry about half of this stuff as much as I do, then do something about it! Because all of the people who are fighting for you have done so much as we can. What we need now is for large numbers of people to rise up and be heard.
Here is a little of Washington State history. We can no longer make our four stroke motorcycles street legal by adding the proper, required equipment. You know why? Because State inspectors were not trained properly in inspecting the machines and were letting race bikes through. Some guys were literally riding their KX-125’s through the streets of Bellevue. Funny, yes, but it didn’t do us any good. How does the State react????? Not logically! No, they didn’t offer the training necessary to bring the inspectors up to speed and issue well defined protocol. No, they took the opportunity to attack (once again) motorcycles and they “temporarily” shut down the inspection process. Yeah, temp, right??? When the Washington Trail Association went after our NOVA funds, the State decided to give them a percentage of the gas tax money. Now, the State OUTRIGHT steals ALL your funding! Why? Because your elected officials have mismanaged their budget. They have spent more than they had. They have added government jobs without having the money to support the jobs. They have called the stealing of your funding “temporary”. I don’t know about you, but I do not trust them! They have a new 9 million in their pocket and I guarantee they aren’t ever going to return the program to its original state UNLESS they are forced to by the legal process.
Your elected officials said this move was made because of a budget emergency. Think about this, folks. MAYBE I would not complain if our citizens needed our ORV money for survival…for education…for swine flu inoculations…BUT NOT TO ROLL OVER TO THE UNFUNDED STATE PARKS! They took our recreation money to support their non-motorized parks. How is this an emergency, folks????? I am from Oregon. We have the best park system in the United States, in my very humble opinion. When I go to an Oregon State Park, I have to have an Annual Pass to park or I have to buy a day pass. No big deal. What is 5 bucks for a fun day or even a few hours???? Guess what?! You get in free at the Washington State Parks. No admin fee necessary. When we ride, we pay. We pay for our tags. We pay to get into a park. We pay to park at trailheads on the National Forest.
My point is, why the heck did they steal our money instead of imposing user fees at the Parks????? Look, I am not into conspiracy theories, but let’s face it, this isn’t even a conspiracy! This is an in your face “we hate motorized sports” organized attack.
So, come on people! Let’s at least take a half a day to show people that this is just not right! Let’s at least show a little indignation!
The June 14th Tag Party at Lake Sammamish State Park is a PEACEFUL PROTEST. Make signs, bring your bike or ATV (leave in the truck or on the trailer), or drive or trailer your 4x4. Hang out and enjoy the Park you paid for. Bring a BBQ, hotdogs and a check for the Legal Fund! Make sure that you tell the ranger that you ARE NOT with any club, association, etc. You are just out to enjoy your State Park with some friends.
Park in the gravel day parking area to the left as you enter. Again, bring your signs, BBQ, kids…the beach is right there and if it is hot – it will be a fun day for swimming. Also, make sure you bring shade or cover (pop up awnings, etc). Jeepers or 4x4ers – signs in your front window while your parked would be great! Come up with creative ideas, just maintain the peace. We will make information handouts to let the public know why we are there.
Please, please…we need as many people to show up as possible to make a statement. Don’t let everyone else fight your fight. Stand up and show you care! Like I said, if you personally cannot make it, then recruit, recruit, recruit!
See you on June 14th at Lake Sammamish State Park! Michael Jacobs. jacobsplanet@;
PS You can follow our progress on this page or on a thread on Thumper Talk. The NMA Web Site now has a NOVA Fund Legal Page that you can keep up to date on -;
Please let all your club members know about this date and please post the information EVERYWHERE! Bike shops, club chats, club web pages, etc.
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