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Help!! We need everyone to email comments to the Freemont-Winema National Forest immediately!! As stated above, the F-W NF plans to close all Level I roads, close all user created trails, close all undesignated two-tracks, ignore all trail suggestions made by the Klamath Four Runners and omit all Class II users from its Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). Their plan is to address these issues sometime in the undefined future instead of now. The Travel Management Rule states:

§ 212.50 Purpose, scope, and definitions.
(a)Purpose. This subpart provides for a system of National Forest System roads, National Forest System trails, and areas on National Forest System lands that are designated for motor vehicle use. After these roads, trails, and areas are designated, motor vehicle use, including the class of vehicle and time of year, not in accordance with these designations is prohibited by 36 CFR 261.13. Motor vehicle use off designated roads and trails and outside designated areas is prohibited by 36 CFR 261.13. (Emphasis added)
Notice the word “AFTER”. The rule does not state that the purpose is to close everything first and then think about trails. The rule says to designate first, then close the rest. The whole purpose of Travel Management was to identify roads, trails and areas BEFORE publishing the MVUM, not after!!!!

Unfortunately, we have some users who do not understand this concept and are writing in favor of this plan. This only makes our job tougher. The following article was published in the local paper. It is in direct opposition to the opinions of the local club, hinders efforts to make the Forest Service designate trails, and does not hold the Forest Service accountable to their own rules.

Blanket closure without designated trails is NOT management and does not do what Travel Management was intended to do. Please write today and encourage the Freemont-Winema National Forest to listen to the local users group and provide adequate Class II trails BEFORE closing all Level I roads, user-created trails and two-tracks.

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