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I quote Art:

Wallowa-Whitman TMP (OR-WA-ID)

Again, we need to ask for "class II" "TRAILS". All we have been getting from USFS so far is roads that you can drive down in your vette or porsche. If that is what you want for recreation (a gravel driveway) more power to you, don't bother to work for your sport. But when you have nowhere to run, I don't want to hear about it. un quote

The belated TMP's are afterthoughts of USFS planning, Phase II is not going to be anyone's front burner priority. Comment on these two TMP's the Wallowa-Whitman TMP (OR-WA-ID) it is extended to the middle of September and this one the Fremont Winema is due Aug 28th, but he will entertain late entries. Please be a voice behind a steering wheel. Ask for trails!!! Mona Drake of High Desert 4X4
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