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Lets put aside all of the he said, she said and who hates who crap and talk about the real issue here.

I think it would be a big mistake to just accept the Forest Service's proposal to close all level 1 roads and user created trails. If they don't take the time to evaluate them now, during a required analysis, why would we believe they will make the time in the near future to evaluate them in separate projects?

We all know that it is easier to keep an existing trail open than it is to get a new trail open. The longer the existing trails are closed, the more the anti-motorized groups will be able to argue that opening them back up will create new impacts and the less the motorized groups will be able to argue in favor of historic use.

At the very least, the Forest Service should do a high-level analysis and close only those routes that have obvious problems, such as running down the middle of a fish-bearing stream.
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